E.L. Reading

Emily Reading, author of the acclaimed Ruins of Rytus epic fantasy series and mom of one, began her professional writing career at the Aston Martin Lagonda headquarters in Gaydon, UK.

Watching Coco get herself into all sorts of trouble and Honey’s calm approach to rescuing her in the family’s garden, were the inspiration that kicked off this delightful series of books.

In 2018, Emily became a mother to a beautiful boy called William. He is a big book fan, but an even bigger fan of Honey and Coco. You’ll find a message to him in the front of every book.


The real Honey is a elderly miniature long haired dachshund. She was born in 2006 in England. Honey enjoys long sleeps, getting to sleep on laps, and lots of fuss from anyone she meets.

Did you know – she shares the same birthday day and month (but not year) with the Queen? She was also a registered ‘Pets as Therapy’ dog for a short while, but sadly Emily’s other commitments kept it to a short one-year experience.


The real Coco is a miniature smooth haired dachshund. She was born in January 2020. As well as cuddles, hugs, kisses, and smooches, she also enjoys eating anything she can get hold of (including William’s toys).

Her favourite human in the whole world is William.

Did you know – Coco’s colour is called ‘Chocolate Dapple’? There are different types of dapple colours, including ‘Silver Dapple’ – who are mostly black and silver.

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Honey and Coco have a very active Instagram account. To see what they’re up to today, visit: www.instagram.com/HoneyAndCocoTheDachshunds

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  • Honey and Coco find Santa’s presents
  • Honey and Coco meet a squirrel
  • Honey and Coco find the ducklings

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