Pre-Made Covers – How it Works

Need a cover for your book? We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re looking for a fantasy cover, something with aliens, or anything in-between, you’ll find a wide variety of covers to suit your needs.

Visit the Cover Shop to find all the covers available for you to view in detail. Once in the shop, you can either scroll through all the covers, or use the genre/features menu to narrow your search.

Did you know?

You can also use the drop down at the top (defaulted to ‘Sort by Latest’) to view all the covers arranged in an order that suits your needs

After choosing your options and completing checkout, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail and your cover will be marked as sold.

With confirmation of your order in the bag, our designer will contact you to request further information such as what your Title will be, as well as what you would like as the Author Name – if you’ve not confirmed those details yet, that’s fine, just let your designer know and we will hold the file until you are ready. Once all is confirmed, the designer will make the changes and send you the completed cover with your requested changes.

If you have further questions, please check out our Premade FAQ, or if you’re still unsure or require further assistance, drop us a message or email us at