Can I change the title on a premade?

Yes – You are welcome to keep it too if you wish.

Change I change the subtitle, or remove it entirely?

Yes – You are welcome to keep it too if you wish.

Will it have my name on the cover?

If that’s what you’d like on there, if you want a pen name instead this isn’t a problem at all.

Can my cover be used for paperbacks or hardbacks?

If you purchase the additional service of a paperback or hardback cover we will provide your cover(s) with the spine and back matter included. Otherwise you will only receive the eBook image.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Yes, as long as you request the refund BEFORE the final cover file is delivered to you. We cannot issue refunds after this point.

Why are premades cheaper than custom covers?

Although a great deal of effort goes into every cover, premades are covers that we have made in advance and are less flexible than a custom cover. We adjust the prices of our premades to accommodate this.

Can my eBook cover be turned into a series?

If you are looking for more books of the same style as the one you have already purchased then yes, we can extend any of the covers across a series for an agreed fee.

Do I need to know my title before I buy?

No. Once you have purchased your cover we can hold on to it until you are ready.

Can I have any title I like?

Yes. Though please bear in mind the design of the cover. Greatly extending or shortening the title may have an impact on the overall finished work. If you have a title in mind but are unsure if it will fit, please contact us first so we can provide feedback.