Please read the following Terms and Conditions which will, when submitted, form the binding and legally enforceable contract between you – herin known as ‘Client’ and E Reading Publishing – herin known as ‘E Reading Publishing’. When you have read carefully, please complete the form at the bottom and click ‘sign and submit’ to finish.

1. Copyrighted Works

The client acknowledges and accepts that any images provided to E Reading Publishing is done so bearing the applicable licence(s) to be used on all works, and does not infringe on any copyrights, patents, or trademarks both in their country of origin and all others.

E Reading Publishing will always strive to provide images that are licenced for all works, and are free of copyright, patent or trademark infringements. If it is found that his has been compromised, the client will not hold E Reading Publishing liable but will receive a refund of any amounts paid for the work in question, up to and including the value of an additional services purchased. The client will not hold E Reading Publishing liable for any copyright, patent or trademark infringements.

2. Titles, subtitles, series titles, taglines and any additional text

The client acknowledges and accepts that they are solely responsible to check any copyright, patent or trademark infringements for titles, subtitles, series titles, taglines or any other additional text provided on the work(s), including text that has been provided for the client.

3. Refusals

E Reading Publishing reserves the right to refuse to include any images or text that may be considered offensive, such as violent images, those of a graphic sexual nature and any deemed to imply, promote, encourage, or facilitate inappropriate actions against animals and children. In the event that E Reading Publishing refuses to accommodate a request on these grounds, the client will be granted a refund of any amounts paid, up to and including the value of any additional services purchased, and the cover returned to sale.

4. Image and artwork licensing

E Reading Publishing will retain, at all times, the licensing rights to any and all images and artwork. The client will not alter, remove, or use any images in their own works, including but not limited to social media banners, images and posts. If the client wishes to, these services can be purchased from E Reading Publishing in advance of use. In some instances, copyright may be made available to purchase, and will be provided in writing, for a fee.

The client will not use any images or artwork in printed promotional materials, merchandise or promotional distribution, or web and print templates.

The client understands and acknowledges that any physical reproductions (e.g. books, magazines, advertising posters, will not extend beyond 500,000 copies. In the event that this occurs, the client will be able to arrange an extension of the imaging licences with E Reading Publishing for a fee.

The client remains free, upon completion of payment, to use the finalised, unaltered work in promotional material

5. Portfolio and Testimonials

E Reading Publishing will retain, at all times, the right to use completed works in promotional contexts, portfolios, testimonials, reviews and on all E Reading Author websites including social media accounts and links.

6. Confidentially

The client reserves the right for their work, including titles, subtitles and any additional text to remain confidential until the final file is delivered. The client acknowledges and agrees to not share, distribute, or display any work provided by E Reading Publishing that is considered ‘draft’ or ‘not final’ or before payment is complete.

7. Revisions

The client acknowledges and accepts one round of revisions per work purchased. Further revisions, and those defined as ‘major’ in the terms and conditions, will incur a fee.

Minor revisions including, title, author name, subtitle and colors used in the artwork, will not be subject to an additional fee.

Revisions including, but not limited to, the changing of artwork and images will incur a fee, regardless of number of revisions undertaken.

8. Payment

Work will not commence, be released or delivered until full payment is received. E Reading Publishing will not commit to any revisions, edits or commissions until full payment has been received by E Reading Publishing.

9. Attribution

The client will attribute all works provided by E Reading Publishing as: Cover design by E Reading Publishing.

10. Proof Reading

It is the responsibility of the client to proof read all works provided by E Reading Publishing. E Reading Publishing will not be held liable for any loss of earnings, loss of materials, or other losses and expenditures due to proof reading errors.

11. Cancellation

The client and E Reading Publishing retain the right to cancel any work, in writing, at any time, wavering any payments already sent to E Reading Publishing. Upon cancellation, neither party will be liable to continue with the work, including but not limited to, advise, discussion and support.

12. Offers

E Reading Publishing reserve the right to withdraw any offer at any time with no explanation or notice given. In the event an offer is withdrawn during the checkout process, whereby a customer is added a cover to their basket on the Covers by E Reading Publishing website, and has seen the offer withdrawn before checkout was completed within a time frame of 1 hour or less, the customer is entitled to contact E Reading Publishing for the consideration of reinstating the offer prior to purchase completion.

No offers can be applied retrospectively to a completed order, or one that is in process, or one that has been refunded, or by any other method whereby the order has been honoured and the contracted services completed.

These terms and conditions were created on the 12th January 2019. They were last updated on the 28th April 2020. They are subject to change at any time and should be reviewed by the client before any work is requested.